Ipad Iphone Users

Using Your Ipad or IPhone

We are currently working on ensuring you can use all the training provided on an IPad and IPhone – currently you cannot play the flash games using these devices.

We will be introducing HTML 5 games in the future. Until then ….

A potential workaround is below but it has not been fully tested at the moment….

If you wish to view and use the  Flash games provided on our training you will need to purchase Photon Flash Player for your Ipad

Photon Flash Player Browser for iPad

Photon Flash Web Browser for iPad is the most versatile and consistent option in the category, as it displays all Flash content, including videos, games, and websites. Photon performs like a normal browser until you click on a button with a lightning bolt on it, at which point it starts a remote streaming session that allows you to view Flash content. One nice feature is that Photon allows you to set how much of your bandwidth you want to use. Once I adjusted the settings, it handled everything I threw at it, from Amazon Instant Videos to Marvel Digital Comics. As with all streaming, the video quality and watchability can be hit-or-miss and the streaming interface is at times frustrating, but no other app is as easy to use and works as well on as many websites.