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Medical Terminology is not Boring!

When I am teaching a group of people in the classroom  I like the students to tell me why they have come to this course. I also add that I am perfectly happy for them to say they were sent if it was not their choice. This helps me to know who really wants to be on the course and who is doing their duty! Most people do want to be on the course even if they were sent. Others however may say ” I don’t know why I am here, I was sent”.

These are the ones you want to really impress, turn them around to realise that learning is fun and interesting and that medical terminology is actually interesting and much of it is not that hard to understand if taught properly. There are some excellent words which truly exist and it is possible to make up your own funny ones too!

When teaching and seeing the less enthusiastic turn around into the most enthusiastic is brilliant. As a teacher it makes your day and you feel you are doing your job well.

Personally I want to enjoy myself when I teach- if I am bored surely the students will be too. In our on line course there are moments when I had to do take after take as I stumbled over words – I think I have left a couple of those errors in – purely because they are funny. In our testimonials you will find a comment I am particularly pleased with, as it proves people can learn and have fun!

At the moment we are marketing our medical terminology course and it is good to see positive response. However I look forward to filming our next course which will be a short course on Ophthalmology Terminology (eyes). I know it will be fun as I get tongued tied and there is lots of interesting stuff to explain!


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