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Mental Health and Dementia

We are adding our first short course – Mental Health –  to our web site and learning centre.


This e-learning course is an  introduction to mental health  giving an insight to topics such as dementia and the mental state examination.

This course will recap the basic concepts of medical word structure and cover many words (and suffixes) which are used in mental health.

It is therefore ideal for those who are new to the subject area as well as those with experience in healthcare.

In turn this will give the basis for  future learning in our more specific and detailed mental health topics top ups which will follow soon.

Dementia is becoming a large concern in the UK (and other countries) as people live for longer.

Understanding the language used by the clinicians will in turn aid understanding of the patients experiences and needs from the non clinical perspective.

This short course should take a between 2 and 4 hours. It will be uploaded to to our site within a couple of weeks.

We look forward to the feed back and hope it will be as positive as our medical terminology course.

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