Multi-Seat Purchases

Multi-Seat Purchases Information

Sometimes the individual promotional offers available will be the best value available or we may have promotional codes that can be used at the checkout.

If you require more information for multi-seat purchases please click contact us or Sales with the number of seats you wish to buy.  If you have any questions or specific requirements not listed here please call Sales 07793 815884.


 Special Offers to managers buying Multi-Seats

We are running a special offer of £30 per seat for our Medical Terminology Training Course currently.

If you want to buy 5 more seats please click contact us or  email Sales with the number of seats you wish to buy or call Sales 07793 815884.

We offer suberb discount for bulk buys and an unlimited seat subscription service for 1 year is available to Colleges, Schools, Hospitals and GP Practises.  To get this deal please call Sales 07793 815884.

Managing and Supporting Students

For multi-seat purchases of 5 or more, access to the managing reporting system is free. This is ideal for hospital situations or large practices.
If you are buying occasional seats as a manager you will only need to purchase the manager reporting system once. Everytime you have a new student you will be able to have access to the manager reporting system for that student.
The manager reporting system provides the following information:

      • Last login time and date
      • Performance Monitoring with gradebook
      • User report:  view the grades achieved throughout the course.

For more detailed manager information please go here