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About Us

TalkMedical Online aim to provide quality and enjoyable Medical Terminology and related courses for the health care sector and allied professions.
We have developed our online Medical Terminology course from our successful Medical Terminology classroom training to suit the needs of these busy professions by allowing flexibility. You learn when the time suits you! For more information about the people behind TalkMedical Online view the about us page.

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We endeavour to reply as soon as possible to your enquiries. Please do check the Frequently Asked Questions page as this may have the information you are looking for.Sign up for our newsletter.  This will inform you of any new promotions or new courses that have been launched, or free revision exercises. We promise not to bombard you with frequent or inappropriate materials!

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FAQs stands for frequently asked questions. We have tried to anticipate as many questions as possible. We have a standard FAQ page and a FAQs for Managers page (for example: practice or hospital managers) but if you can’t find the question or the answer you are looking for please do contact us.

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Course Costs

Medical Terminology Course: £90 Promotion price £30
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Super Launch Discount for the Health Care sectors.
We are able to offer multiseat purchases with an extra discount for a limited period only!.




Though we have just launched we do have testimonials from our beta testers who completed the Online Medical Terminology through their work places (in General Practice or Hospitals) or at home. We are delighted with the response from these testers who were all differing levels of experience. As with our classroom courses our online courses appeal to those with no or very little knowledge to experienced secretaries and administrators with many years of service in the health care and allied sectors.

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TOP 10 reasons for learning with us

Ten Reasons for Choosing Our Online Medical Terminology Course

  1. We deliver a quality, relevant and enjoyable medical terminology course
  2. Flexible learning means a staff member is not away from his or her desk for 2 full days because you can plan times for online learning at work or at home.
  3. We have designed our course to continually reinforce the information already covered.  Learning with TalkMedical Online with help make the information stick!
  4. Currently we have an amazing promotional price and our standard price is very competitive. You can have quality learning at an excellent price.
  5. The pace of the course allows all level of learners to keep interested, and you can rewind and revisit a topic again and again if you wanted to!
  6. Experience within the health care sector has meant that we have been able to focus our medical terminology course on appropriate material. It builds up ones knowledge and this knowledge can be built upon in more depth with our Terminology Topic Tops Ups. The first of which, ophthalmology,  will be coming soon.
  7. We love teaching and believe our passion for all things medical comes across.
  8. We want people to learn and remember! Our customers who sign up for the Newsletter will receive fun revision exercises or access to free revision games on line.
  9. We are always seeking ways to improve our content and its delivery.
  10. We want your custom!

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