QIPP Table

TalkMedical Online – QIPP & the Principle Objectives of Many LETBs

Aims How we achieve this How this effects your Procurement Performance
Aims How we achieve this How this effects your Procurement Performance
Quality Our primary goal is to deliver excellent quality enjoyable training at the best price possible.

Our medical terminology online course is up to date and relevant.

Feedback from GP practice managers, and non-clinical staff in primary and secondary care has shown it to be both useful and enjoyable.

Evidence of learning
• Management can observe progress.
• Monitored quizzes & final quiz
• Institutions can set their own final quiz pass mark if they wish.
Innovation Flexible learning for workforce development with access to our online course at any time.

Our course makes the student feel they are in the classroom with the presenter on video giving added life to the course. This combined with audio, quality diagrams and quality teaching our course adds up to a really good original course!

We are developing short top up courses which are medical department specific. These can be stand alone courses or used to further ones knowledge.


E-learning is not new but our style of teaching online medical terminology is!

E-learning does not have to be boring.

Quality teaching when you want it.

Value for Money OUR online medical terminology costs a fraction of classroom courses.
We also teach in the classroom but see the benefit of e-learning.

Multi seat purchases give greater value for money.

Value for Money

Online: £30 per person

Classroom equivalent: £150

Develop the work force A large number of non-clinical workers will come across medical terms.
Affordable training in medical terminology will give more people access to a better understanding of their workplace .

Our approach to learning brings confidence and understanding and therefore increased productivity.
Online training is accessible at the times that suits the client.

Medical receptionists, Secretaries, Coders, Note Summarising staff,
Health Care Assistants….. Anyone working in general practice/ hospitals without a clinical background will benefit from learning medical terminology. (New student nurses would also benefit giving them understanding of the language used in the workplace and in literature. This will aid their studies!)

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