Topic Top Ups

Further your knowledge of terminology with our Topic Top Ups

Topic Top Ups are short courses based on a medical speciality or associated topics such as the eye (ophthalmology), cancer (oncology) and Prescription Medicines.

Can I do this course?  – Yes!

Topic Top Ups may be used to expand and reinforce knowledge previously gained in our Medical Terminology Course, or as stand alone courses for those who have knowledge of medical terminology. To get the most out of these courses we suggest that you have some prior knowledge of medical terms or have previously completed a medical terminology course although this is not essential.

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  • Anatomy
  • Prefixes, Roots, Suffixes
  • Eye examinations
  • Common Vision Problems
  • Common Eye diseases and Symptoms

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Prescription Medicines Explained

  • Generic and Branded Medicines
  • Commonly Prescribed Medicines
  • Common Prescription Abbreviations
  • Repeat Prescribing

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Cardiovascular Medicine

  • Anatomy
  • Prefixes, Roots, Suffixes
  • Structural and Rhythm Problems
  • Common Types of Heart Disease and Symptoms
  • Common Investigations
  • Abbreviations

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General Information

  • Course duration : Varies from 2-5 hours depending on topic
  • Teaching methods: Video, audio, fun exercises and quizzes
  • Course completion: Certificate after final quiz
  • Time allocated to complete course: 2- 4 weeks depending on topic
  • Once payment is received an enrolment code is sent via email to the individual or manager as required

Note: If you wish to purchase our medical terminology course and a topic top up we highly recommend you purchase medical terminology first – you complete the course – then purchase your topic top up – this is to ensure you do not run into problems with time.